Cold Pressed, Raw, Unpasteurized


At Verve we juice with the best hydraulic Press, the Norwalk 280.

Cold pressing is the slow process of extracting nutrient dense juice from fresh vegetable and fruits using extreme (3 tons) pressure through a Hydraulic Press. “Cold” describes the technology that minimizes oxygen and heat resulting in minimum oxidation during extraction.

The Hydraulic press crushes and then presses fruits and vegetables in a two-step process. By doing so, the greatest amount of juice is extracted and the highest level of nutrients and enzymes is maintained.

This method produces the longest lasting, highest quality unpasteurized juice , rich in nutrients, flavor and color.
Moreover, the process produces juice so fine and pulp-free that it can be absorbed into your blood stream within 10 – 15 minutes.

Norwalk 280


We also ensure that our juices are unpasteurized – meaning that they are unheated, untreated and RAW. Pasteurizing juice would destroy many of the vitamins, minerals and enzymes that make our juices so delicious and beneficial. By leaving it unpasteurized, we are bringing you the healthiest, most nutrient-packed product on the market.

We never add preservatives, sugar, concentrates, dairy or processed ingredients. It’s what we leave out that makes our juices so unique.
VERVE cold press juices are live and stay fresh for 72 hours.