VERVE delivers fresh, cold pressed juices and cleanses straight to your door (home or office).
Deliveries vary depending on the area you live.
The cleansing programs start from Tuesday, and are delivered on the morning of the start day.(09:00-10:30) Your order should be placed 2 working days prior to your cleanse start day, so that we can have the time to buy the freshest ingredients and make the juices for you. We always reply with an email or an sms to arrange all delivery details . VERVE deliveries happen Monday to Friday 09:00am-12:00 amdepending on the area.
If you prefer to pick up your cleanse box from Verve premises, please call us to arrange the details.

NOTHERN SUBURBS 09:30 am- 13:00 pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Same day or Next day
CENTRAL ATHENS 08:45 am-12:30 pm Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Same day or Next day
SOUTHERN SUBURBS 09:00 am- 11:00am Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Same day or Next day



It is very important that when you receive your juices, you remove them from the box and put them in the refrigerator immediately. We guarantee we will deliver ice-cold fresh juice, but cannot guarantee it will stay that way after it arrives.

Please ensure someone is available to receive your juices and put them straight into a fridge, as we will only make one delivery attempt per client. We would be happy to leave your order with a concierge or neighbor, but only if noted in your order details, or confirmed by phone at the time of delivery. Once a delivery has been made, we cannot be responsible for items left to spoil.

Our juices are freshly pressed on-site, sealed, cool-packed and then delivered to you as quickly as possible. They are unpasteurized and so if they are refrigerated according to our instructions they will remain fresh for 72 hours after delivery. If you do not store your juices according to our instructions or you do not begin your juices on the scheduled start date we cannot guarantee the freshness of your juices and we will not offer any refund or credit for juices which have spoiled.

Delivery Fees (only for Attica)

1 delivery = 2,00€
2 deliveries (3 day Cleanse Program) = 4,00€
3 deliveries (5 day Cleanse Program) = 5,00€
In case you need your 3 day Cleanse Program to be sent to you in one single delivery, please specify it in your order or call us to arrange it when you place your order.

Delivery Fees (outside Attica)

1 delivery = 7,00€ (CASH ON DELIVERY)